Thursday, July 08, 2004

Kerry Pushes Conspiracies in Florida

On a campaign stop in Florida, John Kerry continued to push the theory that not all the votes were counted in Florida in 2000. A variation of the selected not elected argument that the Democratic Party is still embracing. He stated:

"I got news for you. In 2004, not only does every vote in Florida count, but every vote is going to be counted," Kerry said during a sweltering rally inside an airport hanger. "They fix those machines, we'll fix America."

That's right, as Tom Ridge warns of the potential for attacks within the United States in the coming months, John Kerry is still reliving the Florida recount, trying to convince the voters that the President is illegitimate. This should come as no surprise considering Michael Moore has emerged as the spokesman for the Democratic Party in this election. As Kerry lives in the past, the Bush Administration is working to protect our future.