Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Kerry's Veep Choice

The Drudge Report has just posted that Kerry has picked Edwards, while the New York Post is running a headline that Kerry chose Gephardt.

If it is true that Kerry chose Edwards, he has chosen the least qualified individual for a running mate in modern history. Little more than five years ago Edwards was a trial attorney making millions from suing corporations. He did rather poorly in the primaries. To Kerry however there are advantages to choosing Edwards. He is an empty suit with a nice personality. He will bring some likeability to the ticket and doesn't threaten to highlight Kerry's flip-flops by bringing strong ideals to the campaign. Kerry can continue hedging unabashed, with his smiling sidekick at his side.


It looks like Edwards is the choice for veep for
Kerry. Prediction: Look for Edwards to say nothing of substance during the campaign, and look for a fawning media to lavish praise on the choice.