Friday, July 23, 2004

Manchurian America

According to the Drudge Report, ultra-liberal movie critic Frank Rich of the New York Times is prepared to say that the remake of the Manchurian Candidate starring Meryl Streep is the most partisan movie ever made, even more than Fahrenheit 9/11. Please note that Frank Rich loved Fahrenheit 9/11 and is deluded enough to believe that the movie contained facts. The movie takes elements of the Bush Campaign and uses them as the tools with which millions are brainwashed. The movie apparently makes use of elements from the Bush campaign and presidency. Drudge quotes Frank Rich:

"The American people are terrified," says Streep's villainous senator early on as, John Ashcroft-style, she wields a national security report promising "another cataclysm, probably nuclear." And so we watch her and the rest of the Manchurian Global cabal exploit that fear in any way possible, using the mass media as a brainwashing tool, manipulating patriotic iconography for political ends. "Compassionate vigilance" is one campaign slogan. A televised election night rally features a Mount Rushmore backdrop (as in a signature Bush photo op) and a chorus line of heroic cops and firemen (reminiscent of the early Bush-Cheney ads exploiting the carnage at ground zero)."

According to the films director, we have been brainwashed:

"This is a movie about political brainwashing, and we're right back there again now," said director Jonathan Demme. "I hope it has the potential for stimulating people to start thinking about the process because Lord knows we could use some stimulation," he added

Yes, we are all brainwashed. Thank you Hollywood for informing us. The president you call "stupid and illiterate" is, at the same time, an evil genius able to brainwash the entire country into believing his lies, and able to control vast international conspiracies that allow him to use the world's most powerful army to go around the world overthrowing innocent dictators and killing civilians for fun in a bloodthirty quest to fill his cronies pockets with oil money. Yes we know. You have told us this before. You told us this four years ago when he ran for president. You have told us with the shameless promotion of book after book that turn out to be lies (Joe Wilson, Richard Clarke), you have told us in the relentless interviews on 60 minutes and the morning shows. You have told us with full page ads in the New York Times, you have told us in anti-war rallies organized by the communist group A.N.S.W.E.R., you have told us in the endless jabs at the president written into the scripts of TV sitcoms. You have told us when we pay money to see you perform and you use the stage as a platform from which to condemn the president. You have told us through the use of editing magic in the movie Fahrenheit 9/11, (a movie that has its major assertions debunked by the 9/11 Commission Report, but why worry about facts) and you will tell us again countless times before the election. We know we are brainwashed, and you in Hollywood and on the far left in academia, you are the enlightened ones, without whom the rest of America would be doomed to the hell that George Bush has unleashed upon the earth.

Thank you for saving us.