Thursday, July 08, 2004

Media Taking Note of Media Bias

The Investor's Business Daily has done the country a great service. They monitored the Iraq related headlines in the Los Angeles Times for One Month, and have compiled the head lines into a list. Read it here. Here are a few highlights from the list:

June 11:"Going to War Not Worth It, More Voters Say"*
"NATO Not Expected to Send Force to Iraq"
June 13:"Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go"*
"Insurgents and Islam Now Rulers of Falluja"
June 14:"At Least 20 Killed in Baghdad (Car) Bombings"
June 15:"Iraq's Foreign Contractors in Cross Hairs
of Insurgents"
"Iraq Conflict Disrupts U.S. Plans for Military"
June 16:"Ex-Soldier Recalls Beating He Received in
Guantanamo Drill"
June 17:"Spy Work in Iraq Riddled by Failures"
"No Signs of Iraq-Al Qaeda Ties Found"
June 18:"Air Authorities Were In Chaos, 9/11 Panel Says"*
"FAA Staff Blindsided by Attacks"
"Iraqi Leaders Would Consider Martial Law"
"A Killing Puts Courts on Trial in Iraq"
June 19:"Radicals Kill American in Saudi Arabia"*
June 20:"2 Allies Aided Bin Laden, Say Panel Members"*
June 22:"Judge Orders Army Leaders Questioned"*
"South Koreans Weep, Wait for News of Iraq Hostage"

The same could be done using the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Star Tribune, and any number of hundreds of smaller newspapers that take their cues (and sometimes their stories) from the larger papers. It is sickening. This type of media coverage is then repeated on the morning shows and the nightly news broadcasts. Given the coverage it is amazing that there has not been a revolt against the government, and more incredible that in the last Gallup poll the Presidents job approval numbers have climbed back into the low 50's. This is what the President is facing in this election cycle. His most worthy adversary is not the ultra liberal ticket that the Democrats have put together, it is the media that decided months ago to do anything in their power to see him defeated, even if it meant doing to the Iraq War what they did to the Vietnam War. The sad part is the Democrats have sold themselves out to the media, embracing (sometimes literally in the case of Tom Daschle and Michael Moore) any story or lie, no matter how outrageous, if it makes the President look bad.

What has driven the party to this? Their thirst for power, their hatred for the philosophies that drive this President and their understanding that without the media's full cooperation their presidential candidate has no chance of winning.

IBD story found on RealClearPolitics.