Friday, July 23, 2004

Pentagon Finds Bush Service Records

The Pentagon announced last week that they believed that some of the records from the president's National Guard service had, at some point in the past, been destroyed. Today the Pentagon said that they had been incorrect and they had found the President's pay records from the time in question.

The Democrat's immediately launched into conspiracy theories, with Terry McAuliffe stating that the timing of the Pentagon finding the documents was suspicious:

According to CNN, some of President Bush's missing records from his time in the Air National Guard were found today. The payroll records that were discovered were initially reported destroyed. In response, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Terry McAuliffe issued the following statement:

"The supposed discovery of these records on Friday afternoon, as reporters converge on Boston to cover the Democratic National Convention, is highly questionable. If the Bush Administration continues to search, maybe they'll find answers to the long list of unanswered questions that remain about George W. Bush's time in the Air National Guard. Bush's military records seem to show up as randomly as he did for duty."

So according to the chairman of the Democratic National Committee their is a conspiracy between the Pentagon and the president, with the pentagon witholding records that add nothing to the debate until before the Democratic Convention.
If anyone can explain this conspiracy and how it might benefit the president in anyway please leave a comment. The Democrats have devolved into a political party whose knee jerk reaction to everything is a conspiracy theory. Can any Democrat, no matter how badly they hate the president, really be proud of their party?