Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Roberts Report

The British Roberts Report, different from The Butler Report, confirmed the links between Iraq and Al-Queda. That is right, another government report has confirmed that yet another claim made by the administration was in fact true. There were links, they are proven and no amount of media or partisan spin can diminish the fact. According to The Butler Report Saddam was still pursuing WMD at the time of the war and that stockpiles may still be found.

Let's review:

1.Saddam Hussein was still pursuing WMD at the start of the War.
2.Saddam Hussein had ties to terrorist groups including Al-Queda.
3.Saddam Hussein may have had stockpiles of weapons that could still be found.

A question to pose to John Kerry (who has now stated he is
anti-war): If you had been President and were presented with this information after 9/11 what would you have done?

He has yet to answer that question, or to be more specific, he has given every possible answer to that question.