Wednesday, July 14, 2004

RWN: 10 Questions For John Kerry

As a follow up to their "40 Reasons to Vote For Bush", Right Wing News has posted 10 questions that need to be posed to John Kerry. Some highlights:

1) Conservatives claim your voting record is to the left of Ted Kennedys. Are you a liberal? Do you think your political views compare with those of Ted Kennedy? (10:16)

2) Given that every commanding officer you ever had in Vietnam says you are unfit to be President, do you think voters can still trust your judgement on national defense when your own commanding officers in Vietnam don't? (10:19)

3) In 1984, you recommended the cancellation of the B1 bomber, the cruise missile, MX missile, Trident submarine, Patriot air defense missile, F15 fighter plane, Sparrow missile, stealth bomber and Pershing II missile among other programs. Do you think we're lucky you didn't get your way back then or do you believe we'd be better off today without those weapons? (10:20)

Read the whole thing.