Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"Shove it": A lesson on communication and self-defense, by Teresa Heinz Kerry

We've all heard by now the comment of "Shove it" that Teresa Heinz Kerry made to a member of the press a few days ago. Mrs. Kerry defended her position by stating she was defending herself against someone who had attacked her honor.

Yes, defending oneself is important. But how you defend yourself is equally important. We hold our leaders up to a higher standard than the average Joe off the street, hoping that they serve as examples to the rest of us, most especially the President and First Lady. Mrs. Kerry's method of defending herself was crass, the type of response you'd expect from someone ill-mannered and unable to control her emotions. If she wanted to make a point to the reporter about her honor being attacked, she could have communicated that to him in a matter-of-fact but civil manner, one that is much more becoming of a woman who hopes to be First Lady and to represent the United States. Is this a sign of her level of communication skills and her general character? I fear it is, as she made the comment when angry, a time when we let our defenses down to reveal our inner-most personalities.

The Kerry's have been concerned recently that Americans don't know who they are. I think we are now becoming aware. I am sure that this is only the first of many such incidents by Teresa Heinz Kerry that we'll witness as she continues to speak out and reveal herself to America.