Friday, July 16, 2004

Simply Stated

National Security Advisor Condaleeza Rice has an editorial in this morning's USA Today that states simply and eloquently why we are safer now than we were three years ago.  She states:
Our efforts in Iraq have been critical to success in the global war on terror. Afghanistan today is an emerging democracy, no longer providing sanctuary to al-Qaeda. Libya's Moammar Gadhafi has surrendered his nuclear-weapons program. Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan's secret nuclear-proliferation network, which sold technology and know-how to some of the world's most dangerous regimes, has been exposed. And the governments of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are U.S. allies in the fight to root out terrorism. All of these developments have made America and the world safer places.


It must be getting more and more difficult for John Kerry's speech writers.  The Bush Administration has put together an impressive record on defending the country in a time of war.  The country is safer, as is the rest of the world, thanks to the leadership of Geroge W. Bush.