Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Terry McCauliffe Goes Hollywood

Terry McAuliffe has filed to get all correspondence regarding the Sandy Berger investigation between the White House and the justice department made public under the Freedom of Information Act. His stated reason for doing this is the timing of the investigation being made public, stating the leak was politically motivated and timed.

Terry McAuliffe knows that he will not find anything in the documents (if there are any) but this is his misguided attempt to turn an ugly situation for the Kerry campaign around in the press by trying to make the public believe that the real scandal is the timing of the release. Like most of his past ideas this will end up backfiring. The press was doing all it could to squelch the story, and it looked like it might go away. Now McAuliffe has brought the issue back to the forefront. Now the story is likely to drag out through the Democratic Convention, and Kerry will likely have to comment even further. Terry McAuliffe is putting on a show to distract from the fact that an adviser to Kerry stuffed his pants with classified documents, documents that very likely pointed to negligence on the part of the Clinton administration.

Terry McAuliffe has proven to be one of the best friends Republicans have had in the past few elections.