Thursday, July 08, 2004

Thomas Sowell On the Danger of the Dems' Politics

Thomas Sowell, one of the clearest thinkers writing today, has another excellent column on He writes about the willingness of the Democratic Party to throw away future US security for short term political gain. He begins:

This may go down in history as the year when an attempt to win an election, at all costs, led to longer run disasters that make any election pale into insignificance. The biggest and loudest political rhetoric of this year is that President Bush "lied" about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Bullseye. This may be the rhetoric that eventually brings down the Democrats hopes to retake the White House. He continues:

It was Saddam Hussein who chose to play cat-and-mouse with the weapons inspectors whom he had agreed to let monitor Iraqi facilities as part of the peace treaty ending the first Gulf War. It was his intelligence failure to think that he could keep on doing that indefinitely.

Emphasis added. That may be the clearest statement yet on the events that led to war. Our intelligence was sound if murky, Saddam Husseins was wrong. How does the Democrats willingness to use the the rhetoric endanger us? Thomas Sowell provides a clear and simple answer:

Iran and North Korea -- the other nations identified as part of the "axis of evil" -- are now playing the same cat-and-mouse game, and North Korea is openly threatening to produce nuclear bombs. Either or both these countries are potential suppliers of such weapons to international terrorists.

Libya backed out of the nuclear weapons game after Qadaffi saw what happened to Saddam Hussein in Iraq. What would have emboldened Iran and North Korea? Only a disunited America, full of loud irresponsible election-year talk about "lies" on weapons of mass destruction, making it unlikely that the United States can muster the political will to strike Iran or North Korea.

An election-year frenzy has let the longer run fate of this country fade away into the background.

Read the whole thing and pass it to you friends.