Saturday, July 10, 2004

Why We Cannot Afford To Elect Democrats

The Senate has released its report on the intelligence leading to the Iraq war and despite this statement in the report:

"The committee found no evidence that the [intelligence community's mischaracterization or exaggeration of weapons of mass destruction capabilities was the result of political pressure."

the Democrats are attempting exploit the report for political gain. William Kristol has written an excellent article titled "The 9/10 Democrats" on the Democrats demogoguery and slander of the Administration and the troops fighting the war:

Consider the extremism of Rockefeller's statement. Our global standing has never been lower? Our nation is more vulnerable than ever before? Then consider the facts. Since the 9/11 attacks, the United States and its allies have deposed the Taliban in Afghanistan and overthrown Saddam Hussein's Baathist despotism in Iraq. The Pakistani/Libyan international nuclear weapons bazaar has been shut down. Al Qaeda operatives not already killed or captured are on the run, with no safe base of operations remaining in the world. All this has made us more vulnerable? If that's true, then it is the position of Senator Rockefeller that the American and allied soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq not only have accomplished nothing but have been counterproductive. This is a slander the Bush administration must answer--if not for its own sake, then for the honor of those who have sacrificed so much to make this country less vulnerable than it has been for years.

This is a report produced by partisan Senators from both sides. It is dangerous folly for the United States to conclude that the collective intelligence findings of the best intelligence agencies around the world collected over the course of decades were incorrect and that a report produced by politicians and staffers is the definitive document on Saddam's activities. The Senate can come to the conclusion that the intelligence was incorrect because they are making the assumption that weapons will not be found and that there were never any weapons to find. In effect they are building a question from a known answer. What will be the explanation of their findings if we do, at any point in the future, find the weapons that the world concluded Saddam had before the war? The Senate started with the assumption that we won't find weapons. In the end if the US government and citizens put more faith in the Senate report than the intelligence community, this could prove to be a tragic and deadly mistake.