Tuesday, August 24, 2004

AP Runs Interference For Kerry - Again

The Associated Press is biased. They are biased and they mislead their readers. This article is a perfect example. The title of the article is, "Attorney Works for Bush, Anti-Kerry Group". It is intended to make the reader think there is an illegal link between the Bush Administration and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth as alleged by John Kerry and the spinmeisters in the Democratic Party have alleged. The article begins with these two paragraphs:

WASHINGTON - A lawyer for President Bush (news - web sites)'s re-election campaign disclosed Tuesday that he has been providing legal advice for a veterans group that is challenging Democratic Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites)'s account of his Vietnam War service.

Benjamin Ginsberg's acknowledgment marks the second time in days that an individual associated with the Bush-Cheney campaign has been connected to the group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which Kerry accuses of being a front for the Republican incumbent's re-election effort.

So the title of the article and the first two paragraphs lead the reader to the same conclusion about the association of the Swift Boat Veterans and the Bush Campaign. It is not until the last five paragraphs that you learn that it is legal under the FEC for a attorney to advise a soft money group and a campaign. Then in the last two paragraphs, the AP includes a very interesting quote:

Joe Sandler, a lawyer for the DNC and a group running anti-Bush ads, MoveOn.org, said there is nothing wrong with serving in both roles at once.

In addition to the FEC's coordination rules, attorneys are ethically bound to maintain attorney-client confidentiality, Sandler said. They could lose their law license if they violate that, he said.

Yes, you read it right. The AP includes a quote by a lawyer for both the DNC and MoveOn.org, a 527 group running anti-bush ads, who says there is nothing wrong with serving both roles at once. So what is the story? There is no story. What Joe Sandler and Benjamin Ginsberg do is perfectly legal under the FEC. The entire point of the article and the title is to plant the seed in the mind of a person skimming headlines that there is illegal collusion between the Bush Campaign and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The AP writer, Sharon Theimer, has constructed her article in a way to have the maximum negative impact on the Bush Campaign. The title of the article could have just as easily read, "Attorney Works for Kerry, Anti-Bush Group". An honest reporter interested in something other than damaging the Bush Administration would have titled the article, "Both Parties Employ Advisors to Soft Money Groups" or something to that effect. But reporting the truth is not the point, advancing the Democratic Party is the point - even if it means having no journalistic integrity. If such a thing exists anymore.


Beldar also has coverage of Pot Calls Kettle Black story. It seems that the Democrats share more than one lawyer with more than one 527 group.

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