Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Arnold Schwarzeneggers Speech to the Republican National Convention

Governor Schwarzenegger's speech was the highlight of the evening and was on par with Rudy Guiliani's performance from night one of the convention. It was optimistic and funny and has the ability to connect with many segments of teh population. His, "Don't be economic girly men!" line will get a lot of play on TV and on the radio and it deserves to, but the speech had more substance to it than is protrayed in that line. Governor Scharzenegger is a conservative and his appeal to voters who may not agree with every plank of teh Republican platform was very effective. He has a genuine love and appreciation for the vcountry and for this President and it showed in his speech tonight.

First Lady Bush delivered a fine speech that will connect with the voters more than Teresa Heinz Kerry's speech from he DNC. That will be the comparison people make, and in a head to head comparison far more women will relate to Laura Bush than to Teresa Heinz Kerry.

The Bush daughter's were not polished and their comic timing was not honed, but they aren't politicians, they are 22 year old college graduates who's father is running for President. Their performance has to be compared with the Kerry daughters performances at the DNC. Again advantage Bush.

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