Friday, August 27, 2004

The Democrats Get Taken To Task

Hugh Hewitt does a good job taking Peter Beinhart of the New Republic to task for his statements on Hugh’s show yesterday, and also dissects the root of John Kerry’s problems. Stanley Kurtz does the same, stating that John Kerry has coming problems that will make the Swift Boat controversy look like a month at the beach. Kurtz’ point is much the same as the point made on A Time For Choosing, in the post John Kerry, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and Why It Matters.

Oliver North has a powerful open letter to John Kerry that the Kerry Campaign will ignore, but it nonetheless sends a powerful message. And it is a reminder that no matter how the press covers for Kerry, the public understands the true nature of the controversy.

RealClearPolitics has a round up of today’s articles, many of which refer to the Swift Boat Controversy. RealClearPolitics also have a run down of all the latest polling data, and it is looking good for the President right now (never be over confident, things will change, the election will be close).

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