Monday, August 30, 2004

Fred Barnes: Shades of Roosevelt in 2004 GOP Convention

Fred barnes has a piece in the Wall Street Journal in which he states that the 2004 GOP convention will be modeled after the 1944 Democratic Convention, with a "natural majority" of Republicans waiting to be gathered together:

Amazingly enough, the 2004 convention aims to achieve what the 1944 Democratic convention did. At the time, President Franklin Roosevelt was a commander in chief whose popularity had been worn down by nine years of economic downturn and three of world war. He was politically vulnerable. But he rallied the natural Democratic majority in the country with a convention speech vigorously defending his war record and presenting an attractive vision of a new term. He won going away, 54% to 46%.

George Bush would like to do the same. His political adviser, Karl Rove, an admirer of FDR's 1944 speech, believes there's a natural Republican majority waiting to be gathered together. An appealing convention with a strong message climaxed by an engaging speech by Mr. Bush could set the stage for his re-election this fall--and more. The creation of a stable Republican majority is a potential side-effect.

A good article and the best convention and campaign comparison to date.

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