Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Iran Tests Missile That Can Reach Israel

Iran has tested the latest Shahab-3 missile. Analylists believe the missile is capable of reaching Israel and US bases in the Presian Gulf. At the same time Iran is demanding that European countries and Britain give them technology, including "dual use" nuclear technology while flatly refusing to comply with its earleir agreements to suspend its uranium enrichment programs.

How long can Iran be allowed to continue developing nuclear weapons and missile technology capable of reaching our allies and our bases? Iran is a direct threat to Israel, their weapons technology will soon be an imminent threat and their ties to terroist groups expands their reach far beyond that of a missile. Iran will have to be stopped before it is too late, and America cannot rely on the UN for its protection. Sorry Mr. Kerry, but by the time the UN or your friends in France and Germany muster the will to act, it will be too late. America will have to lead in Iran just as we led in Iraq and Afghanistan and that leadership will likely mean sending our troops to battle, not our diplomats to the UN.