Tuesday, August 24, 2004

John Kerry Continues To Call Names

Yesterday the president made a public statement condemning all outside negative advertising by 527 groups. At the same time he praised Kerry’s service in Vietnam. The Kerry Campaign had been calling on the President to condemn specifically the Swift Boat Veterans, (Powerline is calling this the “Daddy make it go away defense”) ignoring the $60 million in negative advertising spent by pro-Kerry groups. The news agencies are running the President’s condemnation as front page news, hoping that it will serve to discredit the Swift Boat Veterans. Of course it won’t. Kerry will never agree to condemn all 527 ads and ask that they be pulled from the air because he is relying on groups like Moveon.org to continue to run ads against the President. And the President’s condemnation of the ads does not take away the essential truth behind them, that a man that previously railed against the Vietnam War and the Veterans of that war is now basing his entire campaign on the fact that he served in that war. The Presidents condemnation simply serves to show what a fraud Kerry actually is. Kerry wants to silence his critics, while allowing the Presidents critics to have free run of the airwaves. This is proven by the fact that despite the fact that the President condemned the ads and praised Kerry’s service, Kerry is still attacking the president and the veterans as a smear machine and front group for the Bush campaign. John Kerry knows that there is no relationship between the president and the Swift Boat Veterans, but it apparently is his only defense. He refuses to release his journal and his military records. If he did that many of these issues might be cleared up. Why won’t he release all of his records? Why won’t he simply answer the charges and stop calling names? Why has he decided to hide behind the skirt of his allies in the media and the President. Until he adequately answers the questions posed he is, in effect, hiding behind the President, asking him to protect him from the same types of groups he uses to attack. “Daddy, make it go away”, is not a very presidential stand for a candidate to make.