Thursday, August 26, 2004

Kerry Campaign Seeks Shelter from The Swift Boat Veterans - From John Ashcroft

First John Kerry used the "Daddy Make it Go Away" tactic when by trying to hide behind the President, now the Democrats have asked the Attorney General to launch an investigation of the ties between the Bush Campaign and the Swift Boat Vetereans, and the Kerry Campaign continues to claim that they are somehow working together illegally. The Kerry Campaign obviously does not realize that this type of retaliation has just as negative an impact on his campaign as the Swift Boat Veterans themselves. So far Kerry has attacked the Swift Boat Veterans, sent a threatening letter to radio and TV stations who ran their ad and asked that bookstores not carry the book, demanded the President condemn this 527 group (ignoring the groups that have run anti-Bush ads), called for an FEC investigation, sent Max Cleland to Texas in a stunt, and now has called for a criminal investigation by the Justice Department. The only thing he has not done is answer the questions.

Hey Senator Kerry, here's an idea! Agree to release all of your records as the President did when your campaign questioned his service, then stop whining and answer the questions. It seems pretty strightforward.


The Democrats are claiming that John O'Neill is a liar because he told President Nixon:

"I was in Cambodia, sir. I worked along the border,"

He told the President that in 1971. He has said this year that he was not in Cambodia, and that he statement was unclear to Nixon, but that he was on the borger, not in Cambodia. It does not matter. The American people are now seeing John Kerry's own words from 1971 on their TV screens. The more John Kerry's Campaign calls the Veterans liars, the more the public will be disgusted. There is apparently a new Swift Vet Ad on the way. This one will supposedly feature POWs who first heard Kerry's testimony while being tortured. It will hard for the Kerry Campaign to call those men liars, although they are sure to try.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has excellent analysis of this part of the story. O'Neill explains his statement, and the episode adds up to nothing, but look for the press and the Kerry Campaign to spin and spin.

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