Monday, August 30, 2004

Kerry Daughters Booed At MTV Awards

You would think that the daughters of the man most musicians have made their choice for president would be hard pressed to find a friendlier atmosphere than the MTV music awards. You would be wrong. When the Kerry daughters got on stage to speak the boos outweighed the cheers so significantly that one of the daughters actually tried to "shhhh" the crowd. Apparently the boos were the loudest when the daughters appealed to the crowd to vote for their father. The musicians may be friendly to the Kerry's, but the average person attending the show apparently isn't. It is possible that this can be chalked up to a crowd not wanting politics injected into their show, but it may also be a troubling sign for the Kerry Campaign. This story coupled with this one from last week seem to point to the fact that the average American hasn't bought Kerry's sell of himself - and it doesn't seem to matter what age group or what part of the country.

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