Monday, August 30, 2004

Kerry/Edwards To Give Iran Nuclear Fuel

Today's Washington Post has an interview in which John Edwards outlines the Kerry Edwards plan for dealing with Iran. It amounts to a giveaway much like the 1994 Clinton Administration agreement with North Korea which led to North Korea's development of nuclear weapons. John Edwards lays out in the interview a very "nuanced" plan involving european nations and "heavy sanctions" but the end result is the same, Iran gets to keep its nuclear reactors and is supplied nuclear fuel. The plan would be funny if it weren't so dangerous.

Presently the only people endangered by the plan are John Kerry and John Edwards, because the American people will see this as a repeat of the 1994 North Korea mistake and will see Kerry and Edwards as softer on terror than George Bush. Americans, including typically Democratic voting DFL'ers already see Kerry as soft. Case in point, this article that appeared last week. The reporter, Nick Carter of the Star Tribune, interviews men in a cafe in the heart of DFL country. Of the 26 men in the cafe, 24 have decided to vote for Bush, one for Kerry and one is undecided. These are union guys that almost always pull the "D" lever in the booth. Why have they decided to vote for Bush? A variety of reasons, but the main reason seems to be that people believe kerry would be soft on terror:

I asked Kellas what he would do if Kerry actually came into the restaurant.

"Everybody would be polite," he said, finishing a grilled-cheese sandwich. "But Kerry's got no votes here. I don't like the idea of having to get every other country in the world to agree with us before we go after the terrorists. I like the way we're going after it and rooting it out before it gets here."

"Right," Hartinger said. "Three years and they'd be banging on our door if we don't go after 'em."

"We should just go in there [Iraq] and get it over with rather than just playing around," said the bartender, Lana DiPilato, a single mom whose two boys recently turned 18 and registered with Selective Service. "I don't have a lot of respect for Kerry and I don't like the way his wife influences him. But I don't mind Bush. We've had worse."

The plan outlined by Edwards for Iran will do nothing but strengthen the nothion that the Democratic candidates will not do what it takes to secure the country.

No matter the nuances of the plan, a quick comparison of the Kerry/Edwards plan to the Clinton deal with North Korea will cast it in an unfavorable light with the public, a public that already has doubts about Kerry's ability to defend the country.

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