Monday, August 23, 2004

North Korean Government Endorses John Kerry

A spokesman for the North Korean Government unleashed a tirade against President Bush on Monday calling him a tyrant, and an imbecile who "puts Hitler in the Shade". There is nothing unusual about this rhetoric. The North Korean Government usually talks in feverish tones. There are six way talks scheduled for September or October, but it looks as though the talks have stalled as the North Koreans are waiting to see who they will have to work with, George Bush or John Kerry:

"The negotiating process is stalled. It is clear they have just refused to participate in talks before the American presidential election," said Alexander Losyukov, who was Russia's negotiator at the talks until this past spring and is now Russia's ambassador to Japan.

The North Koreans have a lot to gain from a John Kerry win in November and they know it. John Kerry has already stated that he would resume bilateral talks with the North Koreans and would provide them with nuclear fuel oil. That is exactly the same type of agreement struck with the North Koreans by the Clinton administration in 1994. An agreement that the Bush administration discovered they had started cheating on before the ink had dried on the contract. I t had been reported several months ago that Kim Jong Il, the leader of North Korea, broadcast John Kerry speeches to the citizens of North Korea. The North Korean government has now given John Kerry an open endorsement, according to Kenneth Quinones, a former U.S. diplomat who was in Pyongyang this month for a Korean studies conference:

"The North Koreans made it very clear, politely, that they want Mr. Kerry to win the election. North Koreans are going to play wait-and-see," Quinones added in an interview in Tokyo.

If you are a Democrat you have to ask yourself why one of the most brutal regimes in the world, a regime that is responsible for mass starvation of its people, a regime that produces and deals in WMD, that still holds a captured American warship, one of the last Stalinist regimes in the world, would endorse your candidate for the presidency.