Monday, August 23, 2004

President Bush Denounces Ads- Commends Kerry's Service

President Bush denounced all negative TV ads by outside groups today from hid Crawford Ranch. The president also commended Kerrys service in Vietnam saying:
"I think Senator Kerry served admirably and he ought to be proud of his record."

The Bush Administration has been on the recieving end of over $60 million in ads from outsode groups, mostly 527 groups. The swift Boat Veterans For Truth have run two ads costing around $100,000. Despite the relatively small amount of money spent by the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, the Kerry Campaign has denounced the group, run ads that claim there is a link between the group and the Bush Campaign and have filed an FEC complaint against the Swift Vets and the Bush Campaign alleging illiegal ties and cooperation. They have done this depite lack of evidence, as a way to try to accuse the President of running a smear campaign. They have also done this despite the many intricate and close links between the Kerry Campaign and many 527 groups responsible for the ads against the President.

The President has denounced all of the ads. John Kerry should now proceed to talk more about his record in the Senate and less about his four months in Vietnam. If he feels the need to respond to the Swift Boat Veterans he should do so, and he should join the President in the request for all outside groups, including the many who have spent millions in advertising on his behalf, to pull the ads.