Sunday, August 29, 2004

Steyn: Bush Holds All the Aces

Mark Steyn has an excellent column in today's London Telegraph (via RealClearPolitics. In it he points out that despite how the media attempts to portray the President, he is a shrewd politician that campaigns the same way he plays poker: he allows his opponent to bet it all on a bad hand. In Kerry's case the bad hand was Vietnam. If the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth had not intervened, it seems unlikely that there would have been a limit to how high Kerry would have built his own Vietnam legend. But they did intervene and the president and his campaign had given him just enough rope to hang himself, and hang he did. He is now swinging by the noose waiting for his sidekick to shoot the rope and save him. The mainsstream media interviewed for the part of the sidekick, but despite their enormous volumn of fire, they could not sever the rope. At this point the only person capable of cutting the rope of Vietnam is Kerry himself. But his hands are tied by the inability to take a postion on any current issue and the fact that he has the most liberal, anti-defense voting record in the Senate. He will either hang by the rope of Vietnam or he will hang by the rope of his Senate record. John Kerry is Tuco, but unfortunately for him, there is no Blondie to shoot him down (If you dont get the reference you need to watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to refresh your memory). To be fair, John Kerry did not need encouragement by the Bush Campaign to tout his record, and they could not have guessed that the Swift Boat Veterans would have provided such a tight noose, but a less shrewd campaigner may have enabled Kerry to walk off the gallows.

The question that keeps the the conspiaracy theorists on the left awake at night is whether or not the President will be able to pull the big ace, the ace in the hole, OBL, out of his sleeve before the election. Probably not, but isn't fun to think about?

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