Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Stunts, Not Facts, For Kerry

John Kerry's latest ploy to try to rebut the Swift Vets and tie them to the President is, to use his word, pathetic. The Kerry Campaign is actually dispatching two veterans, Former Senator Max Cleland and Jim Rassman, the man Kerry pulled from the water in Vietnam, to President Bush’s Crawford Ranch to deliver a letter demanding that he condemn the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The level of desperation in this stunt is mind blowing. Hey Senator Kerry I have an idea, why don’t you just answer the questions and release your military records?

The Reuters article also does its bit to perpetuate the lie that because Benjamin Ginsberg, a lawyer for the Bush Campaign also advises the Swift Vets there is an illegal connection between the two. It never mentions the DNC lawyers who advise groups like and Americans Coming Together. That would not fit their agenda, so it is left out of the story.

John Kerry has limited his public appearances to friendly campaign rallies and appearances on late night comedy shows, where he still can’t answer a question. Kerry has reason to worry, the polls are tightening, he has lost his lead in battleground states and Drudge is reporting the Unfit For Command is the number one book in the nation. Kerry’s entire campaign is based on the fact that he served four months in Vietnam. If he loses that as an issue what will he run on, his record in the Senate? As John Kerry would say, "Bring it On"!

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