Thursday, August 19, 2004

Susan Esterich Embarrasses Herself

In today's Indianapolis Star, Susan Esterich embarrasses herself. That is the easiest way to put it. She has taken the bait John Kerry has thrown, condemning an ad by, to demand that George Bush condemn 250+ veterans for running a single campaign ad that questions John Kerry's version of his Vietnam service. Esterich attacks everyone in this opinion piece - the President and his "rich daddy', the Swift Boat Veterans, and of course talk radio, the bane of the liberals existence- in an attempt to tie the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to the Bush Campaign as closely as is tied to the Kerry campaign. It is laughable. has been running slanderous anti-Bush ads for months and months. Kerry has never condemned a single ad (other than the Bush/Hitler ads run by the group on its website that were condemned by every rational human being on earth) until now. His reason for condemning an ad now is beyond transparent. After benefiting from months of incredibly negative ads run by, Kerry has condemned one hoping that mindless liberals in the press would take the bait and demand that the president do the same, thus neutralizing an ad campaign against Kerry that has proven to be very successful.

Amazingly in the opinion piece Estrich fails to mention the fact that Kerry has made the centerpiece of his campaign his four month tour in Vietnam, and she also fails to mention that fact that Kerry has already had to retract his Christmas in Cambodia story, and event he had repeated countless times, including on the floor of the US Senate and which he described as a life changing event. The first challenge made by the Swiftees proved that Kerry had lied about the incident.

Susan Esterich is a liberal who is still under the delusion that if it is printed in a newspaper that public will believe it. Millions of Americans have left the world of Dino Media for the blogosphere and the internet and the access to unfiltered, instant news it provides Susan Estrich hasn't and she never will because to do so would be to face the fact that no one is listening to her anymore.