Friday, August 20, 2004

Swift Boat Vets For Truth Update: Kerry Starts To Come Unglued

The Kerry Campaign has gone off its rails. They are now responding to the Swift Boat Veterans ads by threatening to attack the presidents National Guard Service and by attacking the Presidents reaction in the Florida classroom to attacks on September 11th. Stephanie Cutter, a Kerry campaign spokeswoman stated:

"John Kerry is a fighter and he doesn't tolerate lies from others,"

Scott McClellan, White House press secretary, stated that the Kerry campaign is “losing its cool”:
"I do think that Senator Kerry losing his cool should not be an excuse for him to lash out at the president with false and baseless attacks, We've already said we weren't involved in any way in these ads," he said. "We've made that clear."

In response Cutter immediately responded with a Michael Moore-esque response:
"Mr. McClellan needs to understand that John Kerry is not the type of leader who will sit and read `My Pet Goat' to a group of second graders while America is under attack,"

Unbelieveable. The immaturity of that statement is beyond belief. The Kerry campaign is willing to resort to childish non-responses to counter the effectiveness of the Swift Boat Veterans. Why won’t Kerry release his records? Why won’t he respond to the charges? Why is he hiding from the reporter pool and relying on the mainstream media to cover for him?

Mr. Kerry who has gone out of his way to portray the image of a tough guy should stop hiding behind his spokeswomen and his allies in the press and explain how he could have lied for 30 years about being in Cambodia on Christmas Eve of 1968 and explain his slanderous charges against the Vets in his testimony before the Senate in 1971.

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