Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Swift Vets Reject Kerry

Things are not getting better for the Kerry Campaign. Drudge is running several stories that are apparently just breaking. The first is that Kerry tried to reach out to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth with a phone call. The call was apparently prompted by Bob Dole’s criticism of Kerry and his call for Kerry to apologize to all veterans of Vietnam. It is not likely that the Swift Boat Vets will be receptive to Kerry after what they see as 30 years of slanders and lies directed towards them.

A second and potentially more devastating story is the Kerry Campaign is now conceding the fact that Kerry’s first Purple Heart may have been earned by an “unintentional, self-inflicted wound”. Powerline is pointing out that Captain Ed has been on this story for a while. Kerry’s own journal entry from nine days after he received the first purple heart states that he and his boat have yet to be fired upon. If Kerry is forced to admit that he has in effect lied about that Purple Heart for the last 30 years, including in this campaign, it will be devastating. He will be admitting that in yet another case (Christmas in Cambodia was the first verified lie) the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth version of events is true and his version was fabricated. Let’s not forget as well it was the fact that he received three purple hearts that allowed him to leave Vietnam after only four months. It is not for civilians who have never served, or even for veterans who were not there to question whether or not any veteran deserved a medal they received. However, many of the Swift Boat Veterans were there and they have every right to question Kerry’s version of events.

The more important issue is one of credibility. John Kerry has been challenged on two issues by the Swift Vets so far, and he has had to retract one story and appears to be about to retract the second. His credibility is sinking, the Swift Vets is rising, and all John Kerry can do is call them names. Not a good situation for Kerry.