Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Swiftboat Veteran's For Truth Launch Ad/Book Opposing Kerry

John Kerry has made his service in Vietnam the central focus of his campaign. He references his record on a daily basis and his time in Vietnam was the major theme of his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. He attempts to convince the American people that he is strong enough to lead this country through the War on Terror because he served four months in Vietnam 35 years ago. In May his campaign aired an ad called Lifetime, that featured a photo of John Kerry and 19 other Swiftboat captains. Today 12 of the men featured in the photo as well as four others who were not present for the photo have spoken out about John Kerry. They have launched a TV ad as well as a book, Unfit For Command, that details their experiences with John Kerry in Vietnam. The webpage for Swiftboat Veterans For Truth contains the swiftboat captains own accounts of John Kerry's behavior in Vietnam, and their story differs greatly from the story John Kerry includes in every stump speech. A chapter from the book can be downloaded here for free.

It is not for civilians who have never served to question John Kerry's service, however John Kerry has made this service the central theme of his campaign. The soldiers who served with him have every right to make public their experiences with him in Vietnam. The Kerry campaign and the Democratic Party will say this is a terrible attack launched covertly by the Bush campaign, but it is hard to dismiss the opinion of almost every person John Kerry served with including every commanding officer he had at the time. The TV ad is effective and is likely to garner a lot of coverage in the next few days, despite the fact that the mainstream media will attempt to bury the release of the book and the ad.

John Kerry wants this campaign to be about Vietnam, and now he will have to face the veterans he called "monsters" and "war criminals". The Kerry Campaign and the Democratic party will no doubt try to malign and discredit these veterans, just as John Kerry did 35 years ago in his testimony before the Senate.

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