Monday, August 30, 2004

Text of Rudy Guiliani's Speech at the RNC

It is possible that there has never been a more clear contrast between the two parties in an election than there is between the Democrats and the Republicans this year. Voters have a clear choice this November and the first day of the RNC clearly illustrated the most important difference between the parties. The first day of the RNC saw two brilliant, optimistic speeches by Rudy Guiliani and John McCain. Both men praised the Presidents leadership in the War on Terror, both paid tribute to those who have been lost at home and abroad, and both men gave forward looking optimistic speeches that left listeners with a feeling of pride. There was none of the bitter, boiling just beneath the surface anger and hatred so present at the DNC. That difference in tone is the most important distinction between the two parties. It is more important than specific policy differences, more important than particular "nuances" of any legislation. The tone of the RNC was one of strength, pride, compassion and optimism. The type of optimism that led us through the wars of the past and will lead us through he current struggle. Rudy Guiliani's speech captured that tone perfectly. It was the best speech given tonight (John McCain's speech was a close second) and it was better than any speech given at the DNC. If the Republican's can continue to highlight this difference through the convention with the President's speech serving as the crescendo, it will be a very successful convention.

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