Monday, August 30, 2004

Thomas Lipscomb On the Case

The guys at Powerline have recieved an email from Thomas Lipscomb, the reporter that broke the story about the discrepencies in Kerry's records. In the email Mr. Lipscomb states that the Swift Boat Veterans war against John Kerry has just entered a new phase... the US Navy vs John Kerry.

This seems to be getting very serious. It make one wonder when B.G. Burkett, the man who has spent much of his post military life investigating soldiers for fraudulent medals, will get into the fray by investigating John Kerry. He seems to be the person best qualified to lead the charge considering he has investigated hundreds of other cases. Mr. Burkett is quoted in this Thomas Lipscomb article last week. The article states:

B.G. Burkett, a Vietnam veteran himself, received the highest award the Army gives to a civilian, the Distinguished Civilian Service Award, for his book Stolen Valor. Burkett pored through thousands of military service records, uncovering phony claims of awards and fake claims of military service. "I've run across several claims for Silver Stars with combat V's, but they were all in fake records," he said.
Burkett recently filed a complaint that led last month to the sentencing of Navy Capt. Roger D. Edwards to 115 days in the brig for falsification of his records.
Kerry's Web site also lists two different citations for the Silver Star. One was issued by the commander in chief of the Pacific Command (CINCPAC), Adm. John Hyland. The other, issued by Secretary of the Navy John Lehman during the Reagan administration, contained some revisions and additional language. "By his brave actions, bold initiative, and unwavering devotion to duty, Lieutenant (j.g.) Kerry reflected great credit upon himself... ."


Burkett, who has spent years working with the FBI, Department of Justice and all of the military services uncovering fraudulent files in the official records, is less charitable: "The multiple citations and variations in the official record are reason for suspicion in itself, even disregarding the current swift boat veterans' controversy."

Lipscomb has promised the guys at Powerline that he will continue the case even if it takes all summer. He also reiterates that no matter what the kerry Campaign has told the press, John Kerry has not signed the 180 form that would release all of his military records.

The RNC is not going to overshadow the Swift Boat Controversy. If what Thomas Lipscomb says is true, the most serious parts of the story are yet to come, and if B.G. Burkett gets on the case, it will be concluded one way or another.

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