Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Boston Globe Runs Interference For The Kerry Campaign

As reported by the Drudge Report last night and posted here on A Time For Choosing, the Boston Globe has printed their expose on the President's National Guard Service in an unrelenting attempt to portray the President as AWOL. Lets keep in mind that this issue has been thoroghly investigated in every campaign the President has ever run including his two campaigns for Governor of Texas and the 2000 presidential campaign. His recrds have been reviewed by the National Guard at the request of the White House and he was found to have fulfilled his duties. This does not dissuade a "news" organ like the Boston Globe however. It is interesting to note that while the Boston Globe seems to have spent months investigating the Presidents service in the National Guard, they have yet to demand that Senator Kerry sign the 180 form that would release his records to the public. The president did this and sent a letter requesting that all of his records be made public.

The point of the Globe story is not to prove that the President was AWOL, but to try to take the edge off of the Swift Boat Veterans campaign against Kerry. A Boston Globe reporter, Mike Kranish, is involved in the Kerry/Vietnam story having written the Globes biography of the candidate and having been listed as the author of the forward to the Kerry/Edwards campaign book.

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