Friday, September 03, 2004

Bravo, Mr. President!

The President's speech last night was his best since his speech at the National Cathedral in the days after September 11, 2001. he put forth a clear and concoise domestic agenda for his second term. He alluded to what may be revolutionary changes in the tax code, social security and energy policy. He managed to lay out his domestic agenda without sounding overambitious and without it turning into a laundry list. Young people in America should be excited by his pro-growth, pro-ownership message. The ability of a young worker to put part of his or her salary into a private account they can manage without fear of loss is a fantastic idea.

The second half of the speech may go down as one of the best speeches in modern times. The President combined humor and confidence and strength into a memorable speech that moved the crowd from laughter to tears.

With George W. Bush as Commander in Chief, Americans can have confidence that the government is led by a man that will do all that is humanly possible to keep us safe. He will make the difficult choices, he will err on the side of safety, he will not waver in his task and he will lead us successfully through the war on terror.

It was a fantastic speech. Politically it may be a devastating blow to the Kerry Campaign. The contrast between Kerry's acceptance speech at the DNC and President Bush's speech last night could not be greater. President Bush is looking forward. Forward with visionary changes in domestic policy, forward in the protection of the country. John Kerry spent the bulk of his 55 minute speech on his four months in Vietnam. He did not lay out a vision for the future, he did not articulate his strategy or policy for the war on terror. He did not clarify his position on Iraq. He did not review his senate record as proof he is in the mainstream of America. He spent 26 seconds on his 20 years in the senate. According to John Kerry he was born, he went to Vietnam, and now he is running for President.

The differences between the men could not be greater, and the choice this November could not be more clear.

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