Monday, September 13, 2004

CBS: The Dam Begins To Break

The dam at CBS looks like it may be about to crumble. The American Spectator has a report on the panic that seems to have set in at CBS News. Apparently CBS does not know where the documents came from, with the only two staffers that seem to have an opinion insisting the Kerry Campaign was the source. There is speculation about the source of the documents. On the short list of suspects is Bill Burkett, who was discussed in this post, "They're Forged As Hell", but The American Spectator puts up a new and very enticing possibility, the staff of Senator Tom Harkin. Senator Harkin has been a vocal critic of President Bush and his service in Vietnam. He was one of the first to make a public statement about the memos. Senator Harkin may have a very personal reason to try to embarrass someone about their Vietnam Service. Senator Harkin was caught is a very public lie about his own service. (Instapundit has the most authoritative information on his exaggerations). Could his staff have cooked up the memos?

The article goes on to talk about the problems with the Kerry Campaign. It is a great read and should be heartening to supporters of the President.

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