Tuesday, September 21, 2004

CBS, the Democrats and a Conspiracy To Take Down A President-Part II

The CBS/Democrat conspiracy to take down the President is all over the newpapers today. USA Today, who also received the documents form Bill Burkett has an incredible interview with the man, during which he has a seizure, invents a source named Lucy Ramirez, speaks of burning the originals, placing copies in cold storage and meeting at least twice with Mary Mapes, the CBS producer that recommended the Democrats contact Burkett as a source of information to counteract the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. If this man is the "unimpeachable source" Dan rather was refering to he should be fired, twice.

The Wall Street Journal has an article title, "Modified Limited Hangout", in which they say the Rather story looks more and more like a "partisan dirty trick". Considering the numerous contacts between CBS and the Kerry Campaign it is hard to conclude otherwise.

John Podhoretz makes it very clear that it was not CBS that was misled, but the American people who were misled by CBS.

The lesson to be learned from this is that the media and the Democrats are willing to go to any length to take down this president. Whether it is the use of forged documnets, the repeated showing of prisoner abuse photos from Abu Ghraib, the suppression of all good news from Iraq, the manipulation of polls, the refusal to report the good news on the economy, or the straight reading of Democratic talking points as a "news story" the mainstrwam media cannot be trusted. the American People have access to source documents, such as the text of speeches or the findings of commissions and they should read them. The new media also provides the means by which to check and cross check stories, an ability that the average American has bnever had before. the next time CBS, NBC, ABC or the cable networks broadcasts the news remember that tehy have an agenda as strong as any politician, and they are using you to get that agenda out.

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