Friday, September 10, 2004

CBS Will Never Admit The Documents Are A Fraud

The evidence is overwhelming that CBS was duped (likely by the Kerry Campaign no less) into airing forged documents about the President's National Guard Service. For a detailed analysis of the story consult the previous posts on A Time For Choosing, but be sure to read Powerline, Hugh Hewitt, Little Green Footballs, INDC Journal and the other blogs that moved this story into the mainstream media. Drudge revealed last night that CBS has launchedc an investigation into the documents, and at this time everyone seems to be waiting for CBS to admit the documents are indeed fake. But eh question is why would they admit it?

CBS has nothing to gain and everything to lose by admitting the documents are fake. They ran the story to damage President Bush, if they admit the memo's are fraudulent it will have the opposite effect on the campaign. There sources and "experts" are and will apparently remain anonymous and are therefore beyond the scrutiny of the public and cannot be questioned. The only driving force for CBS to admit they were duped would be integrity, and how many people believe that CBS news wwill do anything that could potentially help the President to maintain a sense of integrity.

Bottom Line: CBS will never admit they were duped. They will stand behind the documents and will keep their sources anonymous. This will shore up ttheir credentials amoundg the small percentage of people who watch and trust CBS and will achieve their ultimate goal, allowing the Democrats to question the President's Guard Service relentlessly. Old media may be crumbling, but they are not dead yet. They are saavy enough to know that their gooals can still be accomplished, even if they know the documents are a fraud.

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