Monday, September 06, 2004

Clinton Tells Kerry: No More Vietnam

From his hospital bed in New York President Clinton has told John Kerry to stop talking about Vietnam and start talking about health care and the economy. This sounds like a logical idea, but it is likely to be a problem for a candidate who's answer for every domestic issue is tax and spend. Kerry, as President Bush stated in his address at the RNC, has run on a platform of higher taxes and social giveaways, not the platform favored by a majority of Americans. The task of selling the public on his agenda is becoming more and more difficult as the economy continues to grow and more and more jobs are created. The 150,000 jobs created in August were a boon for the president and it is likely that at least as many will be created in September. The Septemeber jobs report will be the last one released before the election on November 2. What will Kerry sell to the public? Why would the public be willing to endure higher taxes when the economy is growing and jobs are being created and they have lower taxes?

Clinton knows that Vietnam has turned into a losing issue for Kerry, especially now with teh pentagon ordering a full investigation into his medals. With Vietnam out of circulation, Kerry may be forced to talk about 20 years of his life he would rather the voting public never talk about, his time in the senate.

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