Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Democratic Answer For the Crisis In The Kerry Campaign - More Attacks

John Kerry has said many times that he has not spent one dime on negative advertising in this campaign. Considering that 527 groups with intimate ties to his campaign have spent over $60 million on ads attacking the President, he hasn't had to. But now with his numbers slipping and the Democratic Party in panic mode, his advisors are encouraging him to increase the number of attacks on the President. From a Kerry advisors point of view, this would seem like a good idea. It would enable Kerry to venture into public again without having to discuss his 20 years in the Senate.

The Democrats are also turning back to their conspiracy theorist roots. Instead of debating any substantial issue, the Democrats have started calling Dick Cheney "Mr. Halliburton". How about debating an issue and putting forth an idea? If you were to listen to the Kerry Campaign you would soon start to believe that the Democratic party is completely devoid of ideas, other than President Bush is evil. that is there entire platform. Not only is this pointless it is immature. The Democrats sound like they are a younger sister whining about their older brother.

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