Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Democrats Dive To The Bottom of The Gutter

The Drudge Report is running an exclusive stating that that the Democrats plan on launching further into the quagmire of the Presidents Guard service. Read it, its incredible. This is a pathetic act of desperation, and it may be the reason Dan Rather refuses to admit the memos are forged and refuses to name his source. This seems to be a coordinated effort by the DNC and the media to take down a Republican president they loathe.

The Democrats have nominated a man with no core convictions and the inability to take a stand on any issue for a campaign in which they hope to defeat a man they hate MORE than they hated Ronald Reagan, and in an election in which they stand to lose even more of the power they crave. Their candidate is falling behind and now they are desperate beyond all reason.

The Democrats apparently believe that the American public believes whatever is fed to them by the main stream press. The fact that the memos that were to be the opening salvo of Vietnam War II have been discredited means nothing. They will launch their next attack unimpeded by the facts.

Lets hope the public realizes that John Kerry is as big a fraud as the memos Dan Rather presented on 60 Minutes. When CBS is forced to admit that they lied on national television in an attempt to take down a president, the Democrats will be seen as the partner in their crime.

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