Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Despicable Democrats

The earlier post, Democrats Hit Bottom, Dig, linked to a story on Powerline regarding the new despicable tactic by the Democrats of spreading the rumor of a draft to scare voters into voting for Kerry. LittleGreenFootballs has linked to a story from last night’s CBS News that treated the discredited draft rumor as a legitimate news story.

The Democrats must believe the lie has some traction with voters, as it is becoming a widely used tactic. Today’s Denver Post has a story about placards left on college tables by a group called “Students for Kerry”, that warns of an impending draft. This is a copy of the actual placard from the Denver Post:

This is a deplorable tactic. It is demagoguery of the first order, used by the Democrats in an attempt to prop up there struggling presidential candidate. John McIntyre at RealClearPolitics has provided some insight into the conditions that have prompted the Democrats to go to these lengths to try to damage the president. The public should demand that John Kerry condemn the fear mongering over the draft.

There are more examples of the depths to which the Democrats have sunk in this election cycle. In Colorado, a group calling itself Colorado Families First, supporting the election of Stan Matsunaka has released ads showing Republican Marilyn Musgrave stealing the wallet of a soldier in combat and robbing the corpse of an elderly person in their coffin. It really does not get lower than that.

Update: has the CBS transcript and an analysis of the distortions on the CBS report.

Update II:

The CBS News story. Keep in mind the brothers interviewed in this story are the sons of Beverly Cocco, the women identified by CBS as a Republican. CBS fails to tell its viewers that she is the chapter president of an advocacy group called People Against the Draft (PAD) which, in addition to opposing any federal proscription, seeks to establish a “peaceful, rational foreign policy” by bringing all U.S. troops out of Iraq.

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