Saturday, September 04, 2004

End of the Charade

The slaughter of school children in Russia will bring an end to the charade that Islam is a religion of peace unless their is a quick and unequivical condemnation of the attrocity by the highest authorities in the religion. Not a half-hearted condemnation laced with blame of the West, but a full-throated condemnation.

Ralph Peters expresses the outrage that many people around the world must be feeling at this time. The terrorists, at least 10 of whom are not Chechen, but Arab, have slaughtered at least 155 women and children. The pictures and the stories are horrific. How many innocents will have to die before countries like France, Germany, Russia, and now Spain realize that Islamic terrorists spare no one, no matter how young, how innocent, or how willing they are to appease. What is the difference between the men and women who have slaughtered the children in that school and Saddam Hussein, who had vast ties to terrorist groups. What is the difference between the men shooting fleeing children in the back and Osama Bin Laden? For those who blame American foreign policy for the attacks on America, what part did the five year olds who have been slaughtered in cold blood in a nowhere town is Russia play in our foreign policy?

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