Saturday, September 04, 2004

Follow Up to AP Lie

The outrage over the AP story is not going away. (Read this post for the background) I got the AP corporate number from their website. The corporate headquarters is in New York. Incredibly, a real person answered when I called. I told her that I was calling to register a complaint (and my outrage) about a story. She immediately knew which story I was referring to. She asked to transfer me to "Corporate Communications" who she said was handling the situation. She transferred me, it was to extension 1720. The voice on the other end said the number was invalid and I was disconnected. I immediately called back, a different person answered who seemed to have not heard about the "Clinton Boo" story. He asked for the dateline of the story including the city, and gave me the phone number to the AP office there. I called, no one answered. There was no machine and after about 8 rings the phone automatically disconnected.

The AP needs to be flooded with calls, at both the corporate number and the branch number. They printed a vicious lie that has been repeated around the world. The lie was meant to smear not only the President but all Republicans. It is outrageous and the person who filed the report should be fired. The two people who I spoke to at the corporate office said they did not know who filed the story, which may be true. The Blogosphere needs to lead the charge in exposing this story and calling the media into account.

AP Corporate Office: 1-212-621-1500
Branch office responsible for the story: 1-414-225-3580

If you call the corporate opffice, do not let them try to transfer you to "Corporate Communications" or extension 1720, it is a bogus number.

Post your experience with you phone calls as comments below. Someone must be held accountable.


Powerline has updated their original post on the AP story and now has email addresses and the most current statement by the AP. Instapundit has found that the original AP story was written by Tom Hays, no contact information is given in the Powerline post, but if what the corporate office said is true, Mr. Hays most likely works at the the branch office of the AP affiliated with this phone number: 1-414-225-3580. I am not sure what city the branch office is in, but this is the number provided by the AP's corporate office.

Powerline has also noted that many of the stations that ran the original incorrect story have made an effort to run corrections. This is a media scandal. Their is no excuse that can be offered by Tom Hays or the AP that will explain the original story. The reporter lied. He lied for political reasons. He should be fired.

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