Saturday, September 25, 2004

Iran Adds Strategic Missile To Arsenal

Iran's Manhattan Project speeds ahead with the announcement by Iran of the successful test fire of a new long range missile. The defense minister stated that his country was now ready to confront all "regional and extra-regional threats". Israel will be the primary target of an Iranian nuclear weapon if that country is able to produce a warhead and a delivery system. The past week has seen an escalation in the tensions between the two countries as Iran continues to insist it's nuclear program is peaceful.

Iran's nuclear ambitions have been discussed previously on A Time for Choosing, here, here, and here.

Iran is attempting to build and/or buy nuclear weapons. John Kerry and John Edwards have made their plan to deal with Iran public. If elected, they have stated that they will allow Iran to keep its nuclear reactors, and see that Iran is sold nuclear fuel. In exchange for these concessions, Iran must promise to use the reactors and the fuel only for peaceful purposes. If that incredibly reckless and naive plan sounds familiar it is because it is almost identical to the deal that the Clinton Administration signed with the communist regime in North Korea. The North Korean began cheating on the deal before Madeleine Albright had finished sharing the last glass of champagne with the country's brutal dictator, Kim Jong Il. North Korea is now a nuclear power. Apparently John Kerry and John Edward's want to build on that success and offer the same deal to Iran. These men cannot be handed the reigns of power at this time in our country's history.

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