Wednesday, September 22, 2004

John Kerry: The Anti-War Candidate

Now that John Kerry has managed to actually take a stance on Iraq it is possible to have a national debate on the issue. John Kerry has decided, for whatever reason, to be the McGovernesque anti-war candidate. He may have chosen that route because he had no other options left to him after having taken every other possible position, or he may have gone that route because that is how he has always felt. After all, Senator kerry opposed President Reagan's opposition to the Soviet Union and he opposed the First Gulf War that was approved by the United Nations. Whatever the reason he has contradicted himself again. The Bush Administration is most likely very happy with his decision. as he has now proven himself to be exactly what they have labled him the past few months, a weak on defense liberal. The state polls (and the national polls , depending on which you see) look bad for Kerry. In a state to state match-up he is either losing or is tied in states he shouldn't be, forcing his campaign to spend money in states that Gore won comfortably just four years ago.

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial on Mr. Kerry's reurn to his anti-war roots here, and Zev Chafets compares the speech of John Kerry at NYU to the President's speech and vision at the UN.

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