Friday, September 24, 2004

John Kerry Continues To Undermine the War

John Kerry has continues to undermine the war with irresponsible campaign rhetoric. It is apparent that after his 1971 testimony to Congress he has no qualms about using words that undermine a US effort while men are still fighting if he feels he can derive some political benefit from it. Is the man really this irresponsible? Does he not understand the potential effect of his rhetoric? Or it it more insidious than that? Is he actively trying to undermine the alliance of nations in Iraq to damage the President at home? His sister is the head of his overseas campaign. She has been traveling about trying to secure the votes of Americans living abroad, and she is an echo chamber for the irresponsible statements Kerry has made here.

While traveling through Australia, she told an Australian news magazine that Australians were less safe for having supported America in the War in Iraq. Interestingly, this is the same message Al-Queda was trying to send to the Australians when they detonated a bomb outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, days before the televised debate between Australia's two candidates for Prime Minister. The elections are to be held on October 9th and the Jakarta bombing was intended to have the same effect as the train bomb in Spain that swung the election to the opposition candidate who quickly withdrew Spanish troops from Iraq. Prime Minister Howard's opposition is a man named Mark Latham. He too has promised to withdraw all of his country's troops if elected. Al-Queda is attempting to ensure that he is elected using the same strategy they did in Spain, but what they probably did not plan on was having an American spokesman for the man who might become President telling the Australians in an interview what they were trying to tell them with a bomb.

Al-Queda is attempting to knock off our allies by using terror to sway elections. Spain was the testing ground, it worked, so now they will try it in every country. They will try it here too. The terrorists are brutal murderers but they are not stupid. They understand that the only way to defeat America is to destroy morale at home. They believe that if they can wreak enough havoc in Iraq it will erode support for the war in America and they will win. They have every reason to believe that. John Kerry winning the nomination must have been a joyous occasion for the terrorists. They are just as aware of his anti-war past and his testimony before Congress in 1971 as most Americans are, and so far he has played right into their hands. The violence in Iraq has caused John Kerry to promise to pull troops out within a year if elected. Just what the terrorists want. If he is elected, they believe, they will have accomplished in America just what they accomplished in Spain and hope to accomplish in Australia. They will have convinced the electorate of a country that to give up on the war and bring their troops home. In short, they will have won. No one wants to say this but it is true: John Kerry's election in and of itself will be considered a victory by the terrorists. They will have picked off Spain, possibly Australia and America. No matter who is elected in Australia, if America withdraws from the war, every country will follow, they have to.

Charles Krauthammer has an excellent article on this very subject in today's Washington Post. With his campaign's comments in Australia and around the world and his own snide remarks directed at the visiting Prime Minister of Iraq yesterday, John Kerry is either actively working to undermine the US led war in Iraq, or he is so, well, stupid and clueless about the effect of his speech, as to not have the mental capacities to be trusted to lead the country during a time of war. I do not think John Kerry is stupid, and he has a history of speaking in a way that undermines the nation, so it seems that he knows what he is doing, but has put his own political ambitions above the good of the country. It is not the first time he has done it, so we should not be surprised.

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