Sunday, September 12, 2004

John Kerry: Despicable and Clueless

John Kerry skipped yet another opportunity to meet with serious journalists today. He did not appear on any of the morning political shows, but did sit down with a Time magazine interviewer on his campaign plane. His statements are incredible, each time he opens his mouth he seems more and more disconnected from reality. The interview from Time has to be read in full to be believed, there are too many excerpts to pull but this is a classic:

Will you be more specific about timetables for getting troops out?

I have said that I have a goal to be able to bring our troops out of there within my first term, and I hope to be able to bring out some troops within the first year. But what's important here is that I can fight a more effective war on terror. George Bush diverted the focus from Afghanistan. The 9/11 commission makes it clear that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11, nothing to do with al-Qaeda. The war was against al-Qaeda and for getting justice for 9/11. George Bush diverted attention from that. And we're spending $200 billion over there [in Iraq] now that could have gone to schools in America, could have gone to after-school programs, could have gone to health care, could have gone to infrastructure.

The September 11th commission made it clear that Saddam Hussein was not involved with al-Qaeda? interesting. This is a lie Kerry has been peddling for months. He also repeats his assertion that the money spent on the War in Iraq would have been better spent on schools in America. He has reverted back to an antiwar candidate. If you believe that Saddam Hussein should still be in power in Iraq then you should vote for John Kerry.

This is a summary of the rest of the interview:


What are you plans for Iraq and the war on terror?

I don't want to get into details, but my plan is better than the President's because everything he has done has been a disaster.


Can you be more specific?


No, I am not president yet, so I am not going to say what I will do, but it will be better.

That is is. That is the platform John Kerry wants people to vote for him on the basis of. If that is what is required of a presidential candidate count me in. At the end of the interview Kerry makes this astonishing statement:

Are you surprised at the bounce Bush got out of his convention?

I don't know what you're talking about in terms of the Bush bounce. This is a very close race, and I'm not somebody that runs around worried about polls. If I did, I wouldn't have gotten up last December. Polls don't mean anything to me right now.

Wow. Kerry is either incredibly ill-informed or he is in a state of denial. Refer to RealClearPolitics for the latest polls that John Kerry's advisors have apparently yet to inform him about.

That covers John Kerry the clueless, now for John Kerry the despicable. Political observers know that in every election cycle it is not a question of if the Democrats will play the race card, but when. John Kerry has now officially played the race card, hinting that Republicans are going to try to suppress the black vote. Yes after we do that we are going to starve little children, rip the medication out of your grandmothers hand and do away with social security so that said grandmother is tossed out into the streets. Disgusting.

This is sickening but sadly it is predictable.

A challenge to readers: If you support John Kerry for President leave a comment as to why. But here is the challenge. Do so without referencing a policy of the Bush Administration or President Bush himself. In other words, tell something John Kerry is for that you agree with. It should be easy, shouldn't it?

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