Thursday, September 23, 2004

John Kerry: Disgrace

John and Teresa Heinz Kerry are a disgrace to this country. John Kerry took his campaign and the rhetoric of the Democratic Party to a new low today. He dismissed the speech of the Iraqi Prime Minister before the Joint Session of Congress as "just putting the best face on the situation". John Kerry implied that the Prime Minister of Iraq lied in his speech. The Prime Minister of Iraq wakes up everyday knowing their are terrorists seeking to kill him. He is leading a country in the infancy of Democracy, after 30 years of brutal oppression. He came to America to present his government's plan for his country and to thank American's for the sacrifice and their steadfast resolve in the War. John Kerry undercut him and he undercut his government. An earlier post on A Time For Choosing, stated that the reason John Kerry's actions after the Vietnam War are relevant because they were the basis of every action he took during his public career. His statement today is proof that that post was on the mark.

Vice President Cheney said that he was "apalled" by John Kerry's lack of respect for the Prime Minister. Every American should be appaled and John Kerry should be roundly condemned for his statements by members of his own party. He should issue an apology to the Prime Minister and to teh people of Iraq. Let's not forget that Prime Minister Allawi is the Prime Minister of a sovereign country. Apparently Mr. Kerry does not believe that Mr. Allawi deserves the respect of other foreign leaders. The Bush Cheney Campaign also released a statement. John Kerry's statement shows not only a lack of respect for the Prime Minister of Iraq, it shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the stakes of the War on Terror.

For her part, Mrs. Heinz Kerry continued the campaign's fear mongering about the possible return of a military draft in a second Bush Administration. This is a despicable tactic employed by the Kerry Campaign trying to instill fear into parents and younger voters. She also said that she would not be surprised if the administration "trotted out" Osama bin Laden next month, insinuating that the Bush Adminstration either has Bin Laden and is waiting to reveal him at the most opportune moment or knows where he is and can capture him at any time. This is simply a continuation of the Democrats conspiracy theories, theories that have increased in numbers and insanity as the Party drifts further and further to the left.

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