Friday, September 17, 2004

John Kerry Dwells in the House of Moore

John Kerry and the Democrats went around the bend today, off the charts, over the edge straight to the land of Michael Moore, deep into the fever swamps of conspiracies. In a campaign stop, John Kerry claimed that Dick Cheney was directly profiting from Halliburton’s Iraq contracts and that the President has a ”secret plan” for troop deployments that he is hiding from the electorate.

A “secret plan”? Halliburton? We are now 46 days outside of the election and John Kerry is talking about “secret plans”, Halliburton, and President Bush’s National Guard Service from 35 years ago. This is nuts. What is he talking about?

At the same time, Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader of the House, stated:

"It's clear that this administration didn't know what it was getting into, or else they grossly misrepresented the facts to the American people," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. "In either case, staying the course is not an option."

Staying the course is not an option? Not an option? The Democratic leader of the house says that staying the course in Iraq is not an option? So if the Democrats win we will withdraw from not only from Iraq, but from the war on terror as a whole. If the Democrats cannot see that the War in Iraq is part of the war on terror the country is in trouble if they are given the reigns of power.

Forty-six days from the election and John Kerry has gone into conspiracy theories. There is not a single person in the country that could outline his policy for Iraq or the war on terror, and he continues to dwell in the fever swamps. John Kerry’s lack of a core and lack of clarity are no longer humorous, they are scary. If this man is allowed to control the country during this time, we will indeed “drift toward tragedy”.

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