Saturday, September 04, 2004

John Kerry Losing Ground

The day after the close of the RNC, Time magazine published a poll of likely voters that showed President Bush leading John Kerry by 11 points. Today, a Newsweek poll gives the president a 12 point lead. John Kerry received a small bounce form the DNC, but it two weeks to materialize. (RealClearPolitics is the best source for up to date polls) The poll released today and the Time poll released the day after the close of the RNC may not actually reflect a convention bounce, but it may be a continuation of the movement in the polls that was happening before the convention. George Bush had moved slightly ahead in the polls in the days before the RNC. The full impact of the convention on the polls may not be felt for another two weeks, as the impact "trickles down". If it is true, the lead the president is enjoying right now may increase to a 12 - 15 point lead.

Mark Steyn's article from today may illustrate one reason the polls seem to be moving solidly in the presidents favor. Quite frankly, John Kerry has gone around the bend. He has not managed to answer any of the questions posed by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and no matter how he might want that story to go away, it isn't, in fact it may have just taken a turn for the worse. (Hey Senator Kerry, I have an idea. Why don't you just release your records. Sign the 180 form and clear the whole thing up, except for that little thing about calling the veterans war criminals. I doubt your Navy records have the answer to why you saw fit to do that.) John Kerry has no coherent foreign policy. He has no coherent stance on Iraq. He used the opportunity that the DNC gave him to talk not about the future, but to rehash, once again, his time in Vietnam. He has not not taken public questions in over a month. He held a bizarre midnight rally right after the conclusion of the RNC during which he proceeded further and further into the fever swamp of Michael Moore conspiracies.

Unless Kerry can manage to suddenly outline a coherent policy on anything, it will probably only get worse for Kerry. He is a man without a core, and he is finding out that there is a big world outside of Massachusetts.

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