Monday, September 13, 2004

John Kerry's MTV Interview

John Kerry gave an interview to MTV (link to the video here) and it was incoherent and frankly embarrassing. Most people who watch this video will be embarrassed for the Senator (he uses the word "dissed"), and everyone will be confused. This is an example of his incoherence:

Q: Your exit strategy for Iraq is based on the idea that if you're elected, you'll be able to bring all of our traditional allies back to the table to help our cause. But what if they say no to you?

Kerry: Well, I have a lot of tools available to me. This president has not done the statesmanship and has not shown the leadership necessary to bring other countries to us. Iraq, and their resistance to Iraq, is not only based on Iraq. It's based on the fact that we walked away from the global warming treaty and we dissed 160 nations that worked 10 years to try to build a cooperative attitude. Only the U.S. said no and walked away.

In addition, the president has done almost nothing to reduce the increasing clash of radical Islam with moderate Islam and the rest of the world's religions. We need to reach out to people and isolate the fundamentalist extremists, not have them isolate us. That's a big difference. I'll conduct a foreign policy that lives up to America's values. I'll conduct a war that makes America safer. And I will win friends and allies to our side.

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